Sh Al-Huhany

Abdullah Awad Al Juhany
عبدالله عواد الجهني

Sheikh Abdullah ‘Awwad Fahd Ma’yoof Abdullah Muhammad Kadyuwan Al-Humaimy Adh-Dhabyaani Al-Juhany. He is from Jaheenah. (Alhamdulillah his grandparents are still alive). He has three brothers (Adil, Lafee and Muhammad) and two sisters. Sheikh Abdullah is the youngest son.

He was born in Madinat ul-Munawwarah in 1396. He is married, has two sons (Muhammad and Abdul Aziz) and has two daughters. He memorized the Quran at a young age, fulfilling his parents wishes/interests, and was given the ablility from Allah to supervise the teaching (memorization) of Qur’an at Masjid in the Western part of Madinah.

He studied in the College of Qur’an Al-Kareem in Islamic University. Sheikh Abudullah graduated from the Islamic University with a degree in Qur’anic Studies and became a TA from the Preparation of Teachers [Teaching School] in Madinah. After that, he went to obtain his Masters in Makkah and he is now a graduate student in Ummul Qurra Univeristy. At the age of 16, he participated in a competition as a Hafidh of the Book of Allah and he won first prize. Sheikh Abdulllah did not grow up as an orphan as people say [people claim he is an orphan] His parents are still alive Alhamdulillah and May Allah grant them a long life. [Ameen]

And Sheikh Abdullah is considered as the only Imam who, by the Grace/Generosity of Allah, has been an Imam in [some] of the biggest masjids of the Muslim world. He has/is been an imam of:

  • Masjid Al-Haraam in Makkah
  • Masjid An-Nabawiyy in Madinah
  • Masjid Quba
  • Masjid Qiblatain

And there is some information that before Sheikh Abudllah led his first salaat in Masjid An-Nabawiy in the year 1419 he was [appointed] to lead salaat in one of biggest Masjids in Washington but by the Generosity and will of Allah, King Abudllah (when he was still crown prince) appointed him to lead Salaat in Masjid An-Nabawiyy Shareef. As for now, he is an Imam in Masjid Al-Haram in Makkat ul Mukarramah.